• Repairs


    Company “TECH-POL” provides service for its products in the guarantee and after-guarantee period and their repair consisting in reconstruction of technical features of the product restoring its original parameters in accordance with the design and acceptance documentation.

  • Numerically controlled milling

    Milling operations are conducted on modern numerically controlled working centre, which additionally equipped with 4th indexed axis, allows working of metals with high accuracy and repeatability in four levels. 20 – is tool store-room equipped with tools of world-famous companies, it shortens working cycle to the necessary minimum.

  • Numerically controlled turning

    Machining through turning is a highly efficient process owing to the use of numerically controlled machines of latest generation with modern control, product of: "Siemens" and "Fanuc". Use of bar-feeder with a passage and clearance through the spindle up to 90 mm substantially shortens time of machining and has an influence on cost reduction.

  • Assembly of hydraulic systems

    Produced by “TECH-POL” controlled-hydraulics subassemblies are assembled into hydraulic systems by means of high-pressure two- and four-braid hoses. Those systems are assembled on units of mechanized housings

  • Lathe-miller


    Lathe-miller is the most modern machine tool with two simultaneously operating spindles. Equipping the machine tool with a driven tool makes possible ready-made production of details whose shapes are complex, without necessity of overfastening, as it is the case in conventional numerically controlled machine tools.

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